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Best pilot

For watching this film, and general for I heard of this picture, because of the parody than me, which for whatever reason turned out to be well-known the first and in many cases earned the title of a cult parody - the film Hotheads is known as a best parody of action films, although no doubt, however, that praise is kind of its second part, which parodies a number of films and copes about it a lot more successfully than the first part. Best Shooter deserves more, and the main thing that's happened with this particular film lately is a great conversion to 3D, which is completed at an incredibly high level, although, of course, not as chic as Titanic and Jurassic Park'but looks flawless over a high-definition LCD TV. There won't be any overly cool special effects inside the film, just as Die Hard, if not more so, Indiana Jones (although this is usually a film of the totally different direction), but there are fantastic extreme scenes shot in mid-air, that this film was loved even viewers with the 80s and 90s, who watched movies in video salons with no 3D, plus our country also in nasal translations - but nevertheless loved and revisited, because then domestic cinema cannot please basic spectacle and beauty. The plot of'Top Shooter'is not hard, but very addictive.

After a stunning opening scene with planes, in details the hero of Tom Cruise does incredible stunts, violating orders previously mentioned, this pilot is reprimanded and sent to the'Top Gun'special forces. There he happened to really like a teacher, he boldly behaves with your ex and references his feat, which is difficult to consider for an individual you will never know a great deal about airplanes. Even during this'link ', the guy continues'tricks'in mid-air, which infuriates the bosses, also, he efforts to flirt with the object of his sympathy. He does not yet know so what happened to his father, but he or she is following in the footsteps. I watched this glorious movie on one of the sites called 123movies, and I actually liked the film, including this great site - very fast video loading, excellent and very little ads.

Even if the film features Soviet planes that ought to be shot down by the main characters, meaning that the Americans defamed the Soviet people, ours took the film in a jiffy, unlike your third Rambo, where Americans also defeat the Soviet people - the next an element of the cult action movie with Sylvester Stallone is kicked by many people owing to this. It's challenging to say why Top Shooter hasn't received one particular negative review given such events, but even like a patriot, this movie is usually praised because it's just a pleasure to watch. Maybe the film is often called the easiest action movie That i've ever seen, due to the deficiency of violent scenes -'The best shooter'is usually called more of an aviation attraction.

8 out from 10

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